4Uth 2019 winners

Joe Morris, 15, Keyworth


Joe attends South Wolds Academy and was nominated for the award by Chris Seager, Youth Worker from Keyworth Young People’s Centre.

Chris nominated Joe because of the way he has overcome a difficult period in his life and learned to manage issues relating to mental health.

Chris explains: “Joe has become a regular member of the Young People's Centre at Keyworth, where he is a Senior Member who helps to support junior provision every Tuesday. He regularly contributes to the community of the centre and has built a solid friendship group in a short amount of time, having moved schools last year. Joe is also on track to do really well in his GCSEs and is keeping on track with revision and school work.”

Shortly after moving schools, Joe was diagnosed with a mental health condition, resulting in anxiety and stress.

Chris continues: “Joe found it very difficult to build friendships and spend time around groups of people, and, as a result, he was referred to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service). Consequently, and with support, he was able to face these issues and overcome them. Joe has now successfully been discharged and is meeting the challenges he faces with a very positive and healthy attitude.

“Joe is a very happy and friendly member of the youth community. He is always ready to get involved with serving the young people at Junior Club sessions and he helps to be a voice for his peers in the Senior Club, where he is a member. Joe is always polite and seeks to include his friends and new members.”

Councillor Tracey Taylor, Vice-Chairman of the Children and Young People Committee, said: “The 4Uth award recognises Joe’s excellent contribution to his community, overcoming a difficult time in his life. He can be proud of his achievement.”

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