4Uth 2018 winners

Rushcliffe winner: Roshan Singh

Roshan is 13 and lives in Ruddington. He has been nominated for the award by Patrick Manning, youth worker from West Bridgford Young People’s Centre. Patrick has nominated Roshan because of the way in which he has developed and matured over the last year to make a valued and constructive contribution as a member of the young people’s centre. 

Patrick explains, Over the past year, Roshan and I have developed a positive working relationship built on mutual respect, trust, and understanding. However, this wasn't necessarily the case straight away, as Roshan could at times find himself in the centre of disagreements amongst his peer groups and with others at the young people's centre. 

However, Roshan has proven himself to be a good listener and fast learner when it comes to the expectations of the youth club, and he is now a key helper and good example to some of the other attendees. ” 
Roshan lives at home with mum Jay. Reacting to news of his award win, proud mum Jay said:

“ When I was told he had been nominated, it was quite a surprise considering we hadn't lived in Nottingham for very long however now being told he's actually won, I'm so very proud of him. As any proud Mum, all children have their 'moments' but these achievements make them worth it." 

Patrick added: “ When called upon Roshan is keen to assist in the running of parts of the session such as helping set up the coffee bar, and helping new members complete membership forms. Last Summer Roshan had entered himself into our 5-a-side football tournament, but was let down by his teams mates on the day who failed to turn up. Roshan didn't let this deter him from participating to his full potential and having a good time, as he agreed to join another team who were short of players.
Over the past year I have been impressed with how Roshan is maturing into a good mannered and kind natured young person, and I know that, whenever needed, he can be relied on to help others. ” 
Councillor Tracey Taylor, Vice-Chairman of the Children and Young People’s Committee, at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “ Roshan has become an extremely valued and well regarded member of his young people’s centre and he has been rightly recognised for his achievements by winning the Rushcliffe district title of this year’s 4Uth awards. 

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