COVID-19: Temporary arrangements for SEND transport

As more children and young people return to school and college in September, we have implemented new procedures and arrangements for education transport and travel.

The new procedures and arrangements consider the current guidance from government in respect of travel and education. We will continue to assess government guidance as it is issued and amend our own guidance and procedures as required.

We have assessed over the summer all transport that is operating for September in conjunction with the operator and education establishments to ensure that we are taking appropriate precautions to minimise the risk to both the young people travelling and the staff on the transport.

The measures taken include:

  • splitting transport runs to provide some distancing on vehicles.
  • strongly advising that all transport staff to wear a face covering
  • advising all transport staff to wear appropriate clothing and PPE.
  • advising all transport staff to minimise contact with the young people on the vehicle (this of course will be dependent on the needs of the young person).

We also advise that:

  • parents/carers should establish a routine of hand washing and hand sanitising before boarding a vehicle in the morning and again when they return home in the afternoon.
  • where possible young people travelling should wear a face covering. We appreciate that for many young people with SEND this may not be possible and we will not be enforcing this. However, government guidance is that this should be done on transport and obviously the more of our young people that are able to follow this guidance means that the risk for all is reduced.
  • young people will not be transported unless school/college have agreed their attendance at school/college.
  • young people will not be transported if the crew believe the young person to be ill.
  • young people will not be transported home if they fall ill at their educational establishment.


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