Appeal a school admission decision

If your child is not allocated a place at the school you prefer you have the right to appeal.

The letter you receive telling you that the admission has been refused will contain some information on how to appeal.

The hearing

Appeals are received from many parents/guardians throughout the County. Appeals are processed as quickly as possible within the legal deadlines set down in the School Admission Appeals Code.

Appeals are heard by an independent panel. A decision by an appeal panel is binding on the admissions authority i.e. a place must be given if an appeal is successful.

Notice of the hearing

You will be sent a letter notifying you of the hearing at least 10 school days in advance of the hearing (unless you have agreed to a shorter period than this).
If you lodge appeals for more than one school, you will get a separate date for each appeal, which could be some weeks apart.

Submitting additional information

If you wish to submit any further information other than that which you included with your appeal form, we ask that this is sent to us at least 5 days prior to your hearing. This is to enable circulation of the additional information in advance of your hearing, giving the Panel and the authority the opportunity to consider the information in advance. Please note that if significant information is received after this deadline we may have to adjourn your hearing to a later date.


Do please let us know if you have any disabilities and need assistance. We will try and meet these as far as is possible.

Interpreter or signer

If you require an interpreter or signer you can have one at your appeal hearing. If you would like us to arrange this for you please tell us which language you require on the appeal form. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you may arrange your own interpreter. If you are doing this please let us know as soon as possible before the hearing.

Decision letter

Decision letters are sent within five school days of the hearing wherever possible.

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