New 210 place primary free school for Colwick area

Nottinghamshire County Council has the statutory duty to ensure that there are sufficient school places for all children and young people living in Nottinghamshire. In line with the requirements of section 6A of the Education Act 2011, the council actively promotes a diverse supply of strong schools, including encouraging good schools to expand and, where there is a need for a new school, seeking proposals for a free school.

The Local Authority has been working closely with its partner Planning Authorities to identify where significant housing development will require new school place provision.

The new primary free school will be a 210 place primary free school for the Teal Close area due to open in September 2021.

The council is now seeking sponsors for the new free school.

At the end of the process, Nottinghamshire County Council will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State as to its preferred sponsor.. The approved sponsor will become the admission authority for the school.

Closing date for submission of bids is 5pm on Friday 15 November 2019.

Download the school specification and application form


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