School admissions consultation 2024 to 2025

Period of consultation: 17 October 2022 to 4 December 2022

The Council, as the admission authority, is consulting on its admission arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Nottinghamshire for 2024-2025 and invites you to give your views.   

Background information 

The School Admissions Code requires all admission authorities to consult on any changes proposed to their admission arrangements.   A copy of the full proposed admission arrangements must also be available on the website for the duration of the consultation period.  Below are the documents for the consultation for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Nottinghamshire.

You can give your views on the consultation between 17 October 2022 and 4 December 2022 in the following ways:

Own admission authorities 

Other types of schools - academies, foundation, studio, trust and voluntary aided schools are own admission authorities. These schools are responsible for their own admission arrangements and have to run their own consultation if changes are proposed.  You would need to visit individual school websites for details.  

Other information 

All local authorities must formulate and publish a scheme to coordinate admission arrangements for the normal admissions round and late applications.  The Council’s coordinated scheme will be available shortly.

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