Visits advice and guidance

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers are responsible for the provision and implementation of health and safety procedures, guidance and specific advice.

With regard to school visits and off site learning activities this function is carried out on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council by the Outdoor Education Advisor’s office based within the Outdoor and Environmental Education.

The Outdoor Education Advisor is responsible for:

  • guidance to schools and other services working with children and young people on the safe management of school visits and off site learning (based on good practice and legal requirement)
  • production of generic risk assessments
  • training in the management of schools visits and off site learning
  • provision of a web based storage and approval system
  • provision of a telephone/email advisory service
  • formally approving all higher risk activities as in compliance with Local Authority Standards
  • monitoring of system use, school procedures and external visits.

All Local Authority maintained schools must operate to guidance, standards and approval requirements issued by the Outdoor Education Advisor.

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