Hagg Farm testimonials

Laura Brunt, Director of Learning (PE) from The Brunts Academy, explains why she loves bringing her classes to Hagg Farm.

Read what some of our visitors had to say about Hagg Farm:

Thank you for helping me enjoy my trip, there wasn’t a single part I didn’t like, the food was delicious. Caving was surprisingly exciting, Geo-caching was fun at first, Jacobs ladder was scary but at the top it was rather thrilling!
April 2016, pupil from John Davies School

An experience that some of them will never have again (outside of school). Teaching staff gained a greater knowledge of our students and their thinking. Brilliant – that’s why we come back year on year.
May 2016, Newark Orchard School

Excellent experience for all staff and students who have never been on a residential. Thank you to all staff that have made this such a good experience.
April 2016, Vision West Notts College

The staff were very supportive and positive at every stage, Fantastic.
March 2016, Oakham School D of E

Managed the pupils really well and led the activities to the level that was right for the pupils involved, the pupils gained confidence, new friendships, being outdoors, physically and mentally challenged, independence and improved organisational skills. Pupils and staff had a great week.
March 2016, Trinity Catholic School

The staff are a true asset to the Centre, we have nothing but praise for them. We have had a wonderful time.
February 2016, Quarrdale Academy

Teaching staff and other adults gained from the visit - good relationships with students and each other. Time away from the classroom to see students in a different light. Wonderful place, fantastic staff as always.
February 2016, Brunts Academy

I would like to thank you and your staff for the superb accommodation. Everything about it was just right. From the original enquiry, frequent questions from me to the debrief on arrival your staff have been professional and efficient. The accommodation was beyond my expectations  - it seems you thought of everything with very clear instructions throughout.
November 2015, Family group

It was a terrific trip, the best weekly residential I have had in 14 years of teaching. The activities were just superb and your staff team along with the very hardworking backroom staff, enabled us all to thoroughly enjoy our stay. The food was superb and filled us all up every day. This really was Outdoor Education at its finest.
June 2015, Bleasby C of E School

Can't thank you enough for a brilliant week. Pupil's gained so many things. Confidence, teamwork, independance, personal challenge. Amazing experiences that provide lasting memories they can treasure forever
June 2015, Headteacher, Cuckney Primary School 

Absolutely brilliant visit - great staff, wonderful amenities - a delight. Thank you
June 2015, Teacher, Sir John Sherbrooke Primary School

Staff have been excellent with the children and very encouraging. This experience has been invaluable and has been expertly managed. Thank you.
June 2015, Assistant Head, Redlands Primary School 

An already excellent facility improved even further. Teaching staff gained by consolidating positive relationships with children. Pupils gained self belief, confidence, being valued as a team member and an appreciation of the environment
April 2015, Beardall Fields Primary 

The students are now more confident...all activities were beneficial as they allowed the students to be outdoors, work in teams and achieve positive outcomes. We feel that all facilities and activity programmes were well worth the money
April 2015, All Saints Academy leader

Our pupils are always engaged, challenged and most of all happy at Hagg. The staff are top quality and much appreciated.
March 2015, White Hills Park Federation

Very satisfied with the course. Excellent instructor knowledge. Very professional and in depth. So glad I chose Hagg Farm as the provider
Mountain Leader Award training participant

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