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Traditional Stories

Learning Objectives

Most pupils will:

  • Listen carefully and to follow instructions
  • Understand time and sequential relationships in stories
  • Express themselves creatively in improvisation, role play and other drama activities

Some pupils will also have the opportunity to:

  • Improve observational skills
  • Learn safely in a new environment
  • Develop and apply their reading skills in order to become critical readers
  • Develop appreciation of the environment


On arrival a member of OEE Team will welcome your group to the Centre and describe the day’s programme, learning objectives, and the health and safety issues.

½ Day Course Programme

Session A

Usually led by centre teacher.

  • Walk to hall and garden area to log circle (5 mins)
  • Sit on log circle read Little Red Hiding Hood (10 mins)
  • Discuss content comedy value, rhyme, illustrations
  • Introduce Wolfs Head artist palette show to collect and stick also H&S Walk around Hall and Gardens on path completing palettes
  • Back at log circle introduce clay wolf head (5 mins)
  • Find a stick, build wolf head (10-15 mins)
  • Discuss, show, photograph wolf heads
  • Walk back to the toilets hand wash and then to centre. (10 mins)

Session B

Usually led by visiting teachers

  • Walk to Victorian garden (5 mins)
  • Discuss garden features, sit on semi-circle of grass choose some children to use props, read story of Jack and the Beanstalk with children adding sound effects and some acting! (20 mins)
  • Divide into 3 groups pot making activity in greenhouse with compost and ‘Jack’s beans’, plant hunt sheet and some digging weeding or other planned garden activity depending on time of year (45 mins)
  • Clear away (10 mins)
  • Walk to toilets wash hands back to centre (10 mins)


Back at the Centre the group will reflect on their day and consider how well the learning objectives have been met.

Safety Considerations

Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure that children are dressed warmly and have suitable waterproof outerwear. Activities will take place in all but the most severe weather conditions. The centre teacher will contact the group leader if conditions are unsafe for the visit to continue.

Equipment supplied

Story books for Little Red Hiding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk and props, clay palettes, compost pot makers seeds

Equipment needed from school

Trays to take all crafts back to school

Other Information

The actual programme may vary depending on the number and needs of pupils, length of visit and weather conditions.