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Stone Age Experience KS2

Full day session for a class of approximately 30 children

Learning Objectives


  • develop chronological knowledge and understanding of British history
  • recognise changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • understand aspects within the lives of late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers


  • experience a range of activities associated with living outdoors
  • solve problems in unfamiliar environments
  • learn safely in a new environment
  • gain an appreciation of the environment and understand their role in caring for it
  • to learn how to be safe around fires


Centre staff will welcome your group and describe the day’s programme, learning objectives, and the health and safety issues. (10 mins)

Full Day Course Programme

1 class will split into groups of 5/6 circulating around a circuit of activities. Arriving approximately at 10 am and leaving at 2.30pm.

Session led by centre teacher:

  • change into costumes and walk back in time to the stone age site in the Millennium
    Wood (time line of key events from classroom to wood) (20 mins)
  • activity: friendship bracelets (10 mins)
  • in the log circle, discuss safety issues and working in Millennium Wood, (15 mins)
  • shelter building (natural materials or tarpaulin or a combination of the two) (30 mins)
  • in groups of 5/6 pupils work together circulating around activities. (2 hours)

    Activities include:
    - cave painting (examine ancient paintings then decorate a panel of cave wall)
    - target practice (using lightweight spears to practice throwing and aiming skills)
    - necklace making (using tools to make necklaces out of natural materials)
    - willow weaving (create an animal enclosure using natural materials)
    - hunter gatherer orienteering (complete the course to find out about ancient food)
    - woodland art (using natural materials to make pictures and sculptures)
    - cooking (if sufficient staff available to cook simple food in a fire bowl)
    - making own hanging percussion instruments

  • at some time during the day children are to stop and eat their lunch (20 mins)
  • the shelters must be then taken down, piece by piece carefully. (10 mins)
  • return to the Centre. (15 mins)


Either in the log circle or back at the Centre the group will reflect on their day and consider how well the learning objectives have been met (5 – 10 mins).

Safety Considerations

Weather Conditions and clothing

Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure that children are dressed warmly and have suitable waterproof outerwear. Activities will take place in all but the most severe weather conditions. The centre teacher will contact the group leader if conditions are unsafe for the visit to continue.

Equipment supplied

Costumes, fire bowl, first aid kit, bucket of water, gloves, saw, workbench, drill, tarpaulins, string, clay, target, paint, toilet tent and portaloo, hand washing facilities,

Equipment needed from school

Gloves, waterproofs and outdoor shoes or boots (preferably wellingtons).

Other Information

The number and range of activities depend on number of adults attending. As there is only one centre teacher available, it will be the discretion of visiting teachers to which activities they support, in particular using a fire to cook, or tool use. The actual programme may vary depending on the number and needs of pupils, length of
visit and weather conditions.