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Robin Hood and Medieval Life

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how we used to live
  • Learn about different jobs in the medieval forest Improve understanding of the legend of Robin Hood Handle and discuss medieval artefacts
  • Gain an appreciation of the woodland environment


Centre staff will welcome your group and describe the day’s programme, learning objectives, and the health and safety issues.

½ Day Course Programme

For this half day the pupils will be immersed in the Life and Times of the legend that is Robin Hood. Your pupils will be involved in role play and story telling based in the Medieval days. “To rob the rich to pay the poor”. They will follow trails through Sherwood Forest that Robin would have used back in the 13th century. This will culminate with a visit to the ‘Major Oak’ which is steeped in myth and legend. There will also be the opportunity to examine historical artefacts and create visual timelines.


Back at the Centre the group will reflect on their day and consider how well the learning objectives have been met.

Safety Considerations

Weather Conditions and clothing

Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre but please ensure that children are dressed warmly and have suitable waterproof outerwear. Activities will take place in all but the most severe weather conditions.

Equipment supplied

Artefacts, props, timeline equipment

Equipment needed from school


Other Information

The actual programme may vary depending on the number and needs of pupils, length of visit and weather conditions.