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Gorge Walking

Learning outcomes

Most pupils will understand/be able to:

  • The need for safe and sensible behaviour, responding to instructions
  • How to prepare for an outdoor activity
  • Listening skills, co-operation and trust; and understand that these are important and valuable in adventurous activities
  • Experience an adventurous activity in an upland moorland environment
  • Experience success, a sense of achievement in responding to challenge

Some pupils will have the opportunity to:

  • Recognise the elements of effective teamwork
  • Describe importance of teamwork and how it may apply elsewhere
  • Apply skills in an unfamiliar environment
  • Be able to describe a variety of different habitats including upland moorland
  • Be able to identify a fragile environment and the some of the pressures on it

Key words/phrases

Conservation, Dark Peak, Determination, Encourage, Erosion, Gorge, Gritstone, Habitat, Moorland, National Park, Peat, Perseverance, Plateau, Plunge Pool, Valley, Wildlife.

Curriculum links


Identifying and solving problems as in outdoor activities; adapting to unfamiliar contexts; recognise hazards, control risks; determination to succeed


Physical and human characteristics of real places


Organisms, the environment


Work in groups, different roles and responsibilities


Half day activity.


Suitable venue (usually Fairbrook).


Gorge walking session. Seasonal activity (approx. late Mar-Oct) and weather dependent. Activity is always led by a fully qualified member of Hagg Farm staff.

Supporting materials

Rock Activity curriculum pack.

Health and safety

Appropriate clothing and footwear required. Cover cuts with a waterproof plaster; wash hands after activity. Care for, use and return of equipment in good state. Be aware of high water, A57 road safety, risks at the top plunge pool. Gorge safety pack (with first aid kit, emergency shelter etc), mobile phone, technical equipment (buoyancy aids, floating line) and any personal medication (inhalers etc.). Risk assessment no. 25, 26. Pupil ratio 1:12. AALA licensed.

Activity session

  • Briefing on aims of activity, safety issues and water confidence, location and environmental issues.
  • Clear explanation of what the activity involves: pre-assessment of group’s ability.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment issued.
  • Discussion of teamwork, involvement and leadership.
  • Warm up is the walk to start of gorge.
  • Completion an appropriate section of gorge dependent on group abilities/weather.
  • Discussion of fragile and special moorland habitats.


(at Hagg Farm if cold/wet)

  • Have learning outcomes, above, been met?
  • A range of reviewing techniques with students using writing, speaking skills and creativity to express feelings about activity, performance, involvement, teamwork.
  • Scientific, geographical and historical learning linking to curriculum, as above.