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Christmas Nativity and Crafts

Learning Objectives

Most pupils will:

  • Explore the Christmas Nativity Story
  • Understand the importance - for some people - of belonging to a religion
  • Use their senses to experience a new environment
  • Use natural and made materials to make their art works to take back to school
  • Importance of giving and receiving

Some pupils will also have the opportunity to:

  • Learn safely in a new environment;
  • Gain an appreciation of the environment and understand their role in caring for it and its occupants
  • Visit a stable on a working farm
  • Look at how people celebrate in different ways through art


On arrival a member of OEE Team staff will welcome your group to the Centre and describe the day’s programme, learning objectives, and the health and safety issues.

½ Day Course Programme

Classes will then separate and sessions A and B will be interchangeable am and pm with session A generally led by the centre teacher and session B led by visiting staff.

Nativity Session A

  • This session will fill a half day 10.00 – 12.00 or 12.30 – 2.30
  • This session will be based at Home farm in a stable. Children will re-enact the Christmas story by following signs along countryside footpaths to ‘Bethlehem’.
  • They will observe a real working farm and its livestock.
  • Once in the stable the main characters will be dressed in their costumes and will re-enact the story with centre staff narrating.
  • Christmas songs will be sung during and after the story

Christmas Crafts Session B

  • This session will fill a half day 10.00 – 12.00 or 12.30 – 2.30
  • Children make a range of Christmas crafts including: Pine cone angels, Ivy leaf wreath, Ash seed stars, scrap card baubles
  • Classrooms will be set up with all relevant materials and resources for all crafts


Back at the Centre the group will reflect on their day and consider how well the learning objectives have been met (5 mins).

Safety Considerations

Weather Conditions and clothing

Children will be outside for some of the day. The weather may be cold, wet, windy or snowy so warm, waterproof clothes will be needed. Some outdoor clothing and footwear is available at the Centre.

Wellingtons or boots need to be worn for the stable area.

Equipment supplied

All costumes, all craft activity resources, first aid kit

Equipment needed from school

Trays for the many Christmas crafts to carry back to school

Other Information

The actual programme may vary depending on the number and needs of pupils, length of visit and weather conditions.