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Animal Homes

Learning Objectives


  • Observe a range of animal homes in differing habitats
  • Construct suitable homes for animals
  • Use keys to identify different animals o Investigate the needs of Badgers in the woodland habitat


  • Improve observational skills
  • Develop an understanding of variety, adaptation, life processes and food chains
  • Through direct experience, develop an understanding of properties of materials
  • Develop appreciation of the environment


Centre staff will welcome your group and describe the day’s programme, learning objectives, and the health and safety issues. (10 mins)

½ Day Course Programme

  • Walk into the woodland looking for signs of animals (10 mins)
  • In small groups the pupils receive one the following toys: badger, fox, rabbit, squirrel, owl or hedgehog, whilst discussing where they might live (10 mins)
  • Groups then build a home for their animal in the woodland habitat (10 mins)
  • In their groups wander around to look at the other animal homes (5 mins)
  • If time groups can build another home with another animal (10 -15 mins)
  • Explore deeper into another area of the woodland (5 mins)
  • Badgers Breakfast activity (Role playing being badgers to find out if there is enough food in the area) (15 mins)
  • Back to the centre. (5 mins)

Detailed activity sheets about Badgers Breakfast can be found in the Acclimatisation curriculum material. Copies available on request.


Back at the Centre the group will reflect on their day and consider how well the learning objectives have been met. (5 mins)