Redefining Your Council

Redefining Your Council is our new approach to ensuring we can deliver services that the people of Nottinghamshire value in a sustainable way. It provides a framework for transformation and will ensure we can deliver our Strategic Plan priorities.

Public consultation

1,600 people responded to the Redefining Your Council public consultation, with a number of overarching themes being identified, including:

  • mixed economy: providing clarity around how the Council plans to deliver its services in future, in particular the Council’s approach to evaluating options for service delivery
  • detail: as options for change emerge engaging with employees, partners and local people about what these mean in more detail
  • clarity: about what outcomes the Council aims to achieve from its services and what services the Council will deliver, particularly in relation to those services which aren’t part of the core offer
  • financial strategy: the further development of the Council’s Medium Term
    forward thinking: planning for the longer term (beyond the three years covered in Redefining Your Council) through strategic thinking and workforce development
  • partnerships: working with key partners to develop innovative ideas.

For further information on how the comments and feedback were used to shape the final version of the Redefining Your Council document, view the Redefining Your Council 2 July Policy Committee report.

The changing landscape we work in

We have already achieved a great deal through our One Council - One Team approach to work. We have developed creative solutions to improve our services in the face of declining financial resources. However, we remain aware that world we are working in is changing more rapidly than ever before. We need to build these solutions and changes into our thinking to not just keep pace with what our customers need and want today, but to anticipate their requirements for tomorrow.

Looking forward, fewer financial resources are a certainty. Alternative ways of delivering services are becoming the norm as we recognise we cannot deliver every service.

Drivers of change

  • Reducing resources - by 2017/18, the County Council will face a budget shortfall of £77m. This is despite making savings of around £100m over the past three years
  • Increasing service demands - for example due to an ageing population, an increase in the number of children in care and a 50% increase in the number of highways customer enquiries (between 2011 and 2013).
  • Changes to legislation and regulation - for example the new Care Bill and the Health and Social Care Act 2012, along with changes to inspection frameworks
  • Technological advancements – there is growing demand for online, web based transactions.

What this means for your Council

It is anticipated that the Council will be a significantly different organisation. It will be:

  • a differently-shaped organisation
  • providing fewer services
  • employing fewer people
  • sourcing services from a range of different suppliers - including the private and public sector along with in-house provision and consideration of mutual companies and charitable status.

Our focus

Five core services areas have been identified as part of the work to redefine the Council. These core functions reflect our strategic priorities as well as our statutory and mandatory obligations.

They are:

  • Adult and Public Protection – personal social care, direct social care, market development, public protection and community safety
  • Children’s and Cultural services – children’s social care, education services, early help services and cultural services
  • Place - including transport and travel, waste and energy and highways
  • Public Health – improvement, protection and commissioning
  • Corporate - including ICT, HR, legal, property, business support and communications.

Our approach

Transformation portfolios

To deliver the changes required to redefine the Council, four new Transformation Portfolios will be created for:

  • Adults and Health
  • Children and Culture
  • Place and Resources
  • Cross Council services.

These will be led by senior Members and Chief Officers.

Targeted reviews

The above Transformation Portfolios will oversee a series of service reviews. The reviews will be prioritised to focus on three areas:

  • Where we spend the most money - for example older people, young people disability, access to resources, waste management, community learning disability teams, highways and transport
  • Where we spend more money than average compared with other local authorities
  • Non-core services.

Initial reviews will be undertaken in the following areas: services for older people; services for younger people with a disability; joint commissioning; children’s social care; early years and early intervention service; special educational needs; highways; public transport and waste management.

Governance and decision making

Robust governance will ensure that the identified portfolio of programmes, projects and targeted reviews successfully deliver the change and transformation of the Council at the necessary scale and pace. Benefits of transformation will begin to be realised and will be part of an annual cycle of review and evaluation.

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