Your wedding ceremony

Choosing the right ceremony for you

The popular enhanced ceremony allows you to plan your wedding ceremony with the opportunity to include music, readings and your own vows.  These ceremonies can be held in our registration offices or other registered venues in Nottinghamshire.

The standard ceremony contains the necessary legal requirements without any personalisation.  These ceremonies are held in registration offices only.

Personalising your wedding ceremony

There are various options for personalising your ceremony: your own choice of music, poems and readings, exchanging personal promises to each other (in addition to the legal declaration and contract words). There is a wealth of material to choose from, with few restrictions, but please remember that your civil ceremony cannot have any religious content and that your requests must be agreed by the Registration team organising your ceremony, to ensure that it will be appropriate for the occasion.

Once you have chosen your reading, please send a copy to the Registration team that is organising your ceremony, along with your completed choices sheet, at least 28 days before your wedding day.