Wedding ceremony rehearsal discussion?

Reduce your worries and book a ceremony rehearsal discussion to take place before your wedding.

This is an ideal opportunity to go over the finer details involved in making your ceremony the very special and personal occasion you want it to be.  Timings, music, readings, wording, who stands where and who says what and when are all covered. 

This discussion covers:

  • the pre-marriage interview
  • arrival timings of the couple
  • seating arrangements
  • entrance of the wedding party, escorts and general formation when entering the room
  • music
  • legal wording (declaration and contracting words)
  • readings 
  • witnesses 
  • signing of the register
  • photographs and filming
  • exit from the room.

Call us to book your ceremony rehearsal discussion appointment on 0300 500 80 80, or use the Contact Form

Fee £25

Please note that these meetings take place in our registration offices only.