Wedding ceremony fees

How much does it cost to get married?

Giving notice of marriage and civil partnership (this is not a deposit towards your ceremony)

  • Monday to Friday: £35 per person
  • Saturday (subject to availability): £50 per person, including £15 booking fee

Marriage and Civil Partnership Ceremony Fees

Please note: the different types of ceremony are subject to varying conditions, so it is important that you contact us for more information before making a booking.  A non-refundable deposit is required for all ceremonies. 

Enhanced Wedding Ceremony (including Celebration of Vows and Naming Ceremonies)

Registration Offices

  • Monday to Thursday: £205 (£210 from 1st April 2019)
  • Friday to Sunday: £310 
  • Bank Holidays: £400 (£410 from 1st April 2019)

Licensed venues

  • Monday to Thursday: £385 (£395 from 1st April 2019)
  • Friday to Sunday: £420 (£435 from 1st April 2019)         
  • Bank Holidays: £530 (£535 from 1st April 2019)


Standard Ceremony

Monday to Thursday: £125 

Friday and Saturday: £150 


Basic Ceremony

Conversion of a civil partnership to a marriage 

Standard conversion of a civil partnership – short appointment to provide information and sign documents at the Register Office, Worksop or any main Registration Office:

  • £45

Conversion of civil partnership with a ceremony - two stages (two fees required)

  • Stage one - Providing information to the registrar and checking evidence at the Register office or Registration office: £27
  • Stage two - Signing the declaration during a non-statutory ceremony, see the ceremony fees listed above.

Passport PD2 Service: allows you to apply for a new passport in your married name

If you have booked your honeymoon abroad and in your new name, remember to change your passport.  The registrar can sign your passport application document (PD2), which enables your name change to be completed prior to your marriage. For more information on the process please speak to a member of the team. 

  • All registration offices: £20
  • Providing civil ceremonies in beautiful locations around Nottinghamshire

  • Providing civil ceremonies in beautiful locations around Nottinghamshire