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Let’s Interact: An adaptation of Learning Language and Loving It™ - The Hanen Program® for Early Childhood Educators/Teachers

Course title: Let's Interact (Revised)

Course ref: 7CLL

Course tutor: Speech and language therapists

Course level: Introductory – for all staff new to the early years and childcare workforce and those who have not previously attended a course of this type.

Target groups:This course is for the entire early years workforce. It is encouraged that all early years workers who work face to face with children and families attend this training course.


It is advisable but not essential for workers to attend the “Talking Matters” induction course before they attend this course.

About this course

Early years workers are expected to attend this course. It is advisable but not essential for workers to attend "Talking Still Matters" induction course before they attend this course.

Participants must attend all 4 sessions to obtain their certificate.

This practical course has been developed by early years specialist speech and language therapists to support participants to build upon their interaction skills with young children. It is based on an internationally developed approach and there is much evidence of its effectiveness at developing both practitioner skills and children's speech, language and communication skills.

Learning outcomes

  • By the end of the course learners will have:
  • learnt how to develop communication in everyday situations
  • learnt how to support the language development of children with different conversational styles
  • learnt strategies that allow the child to lead the interaction but also build upon their communication skills
  • learnt about typical language development and how participants can adapt their interaction appropriately to develop children’s language at different stages
  • learnt how to use questions more appropriately to develop children’s language skills
  • good knowledge and some practice of the effective strategies they can use in everyday situations to develop children’s speech, language and communication. Improved confidence in the skills they have to develop every child’s speech, language and communication skills

Essential Requirements for the training

It is essential that participants come to all sessions with a 2-3 minute video/DVD of them playing with a child (or group of children) in an informal setting. Please ensure that you gain written permission from the parent(s) of the child or children filmed in accordance with your setting’s procedures and policies. You will not be able to attend the course without this.

It is not appropriate to use your own personal recording devices as this breaches safeguarding protocol. Instead use your settings’ recording devices or contact your local children’s centre Speech & Language Therapist to arrange to borrow one. Please adhere to your settings own protocol around making and storing video recordings and photographs. Please respect the dignity of the children at all times and ensure that at the end of the course all footage is handed to your manager and then destroyed.

We will provide some laptops to play the recordings but if you can please bring your own and check that your recording plays on it that would be helpful. Please note that our laptops and speakers will not play apple devices, SD or XD cards. We would recommend you record on USB devices such as Flip or Kodak video, USB cameras, or with other devices and saved onto USB memory sticks or DVD, or bring a USB cable to connect your video device to the laptop. Please try to ensure your clip is working before attending the course.

You will need to bring new clips to the third and fourth sessions. Please make sure you arrange a time during the week in between the teaching sessions to do this - previous participants have suggested that you put aside 30 minutes. This will give you time to think about your targets before you begin filming.

Some tips to help you make a successful clip:
  1. Have the equipment checked and ready to go.
  2. If possible choose a quiet location - make efforts to reduce background noise.
  3. Arrange for someone to film you and suggest they
  4. try and hold the camera straight and ready
  5. focus on the whole group most of the time making sure that you are in shot at all times. Zoom in if a conversation occurs between 2 people
  6. record for a maximum of 5 minutes. You will probably only look at 2-3 minutes of footage.

If you have any queries about this please contact your local children’s centre Speech and Language Therapist.


The following costs will apply to this training course:

  • NCC/City EY provider: £120
  • NCC/City school: £240
  • Non-Nottinghamshire Provider: £240.

Courses are payable by credit or debit card at the time of booking, please follow the instructions on Eventbrite – invoices will not be sent for these courses.

Course dates

Upcoming dates
Date(s) No. of sessions Time Venue How to book
17 October 2019, 7 November 2019, 21 November 2019, 5 December 2019 4 1pm to 4pm County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7QP Book Online Using Eventbrite
12 February 2020, 26 February 2020, 11 March 2020, 25 March 2020 4 1pm to 4pm Hawtonville Children's Centre, 170 Bowbridge Road, Newark, NG24 4EG Book Online Using Eventbrite
19 May 2020, 2 June 2020, 16 June 2020, 30 June 2020 4 1pm to 4pm Mansfield Woodhouse Childrens Centre, Swann Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19 8BT Book online using Eventbrite

Booking information

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Please remember to bring your Eventbrite ticket on the day.

Cancellation policy 

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Course administration

If you need any information then contact our business support team by: