An update for parents and carers of children attending early years settings

Updated: May 2021

If you are a parent or carer, and you need advice or support about this, please email or call 0300 500 80 80

Early years settings remain open for all children and they can attend for their usual hours of care. We thought it would be helpful for parents to understand how the roadmap out of lockdown affects their child’s attendance at an Early Years setting.

The government have pledged to gradually ease restrictions over the coming months. The roadmap out of lockdown outlines four steps for easing restrictions. Before proceeding to the next step, the Government will examine the data to assess the impact of previous steps.

Although Early Years settings have remained open to all children, there are still guidelines that must be followed until the easing of the restrictions as defined by Government allows.

  • To continue to manage the risks, nurseries, childminders, schools and colleges will carry on implementing the range of protective measures that they have been using throughout previous terms.
  • If restrictions are again needed to help contain the spread of the virus, there may be some changes to how your provider operates, including isolating groups or bubbles of children if there’s a positive case.
  • Nurseries, childminders, schools and colleges have their own health and safety risk assessments and keep them under review. They will continue to carefully implement these measures and tell you about them.
  • Nurseries, childminders, and schools may still need to stagger or adjust start and finish times. This helps keep groups apart as they arrive and leave the premises. Please help nurseries, childminders, and schools manage these arrangements, for example by keeping your distance from others when dropping off and picking up your child.
  • There is separate guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings (like after school clubs). You should try to send your child to the same settings consistently and limit the number of settings they attend as far as possible, and ideally ensure they attend only one out-of-school setting in addition to school.
  • You can also read the Government guidance on what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during COVID-19.
  • It important to remember that while we enjoy doing more of the things we've missed, it's vital to continue our efforts to protect each other from Covid-19 and keep rates as low as possible.

Thank you Nottinghamshire for doing your bit

  • Follow the guidance from your provider when dropping off and picking up, as well as the wearing of face coverings if requested.
  • Encourage your family to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly,
  • Keep a safe (2 metre) distance from others and wear a face covering when required.
  • Get anyone in your family with symptoms tested and the whole household self-isolating immediately.

Early years education is an important stage for children where they can flourish and get the best start in life. If you have any questions you can email us at

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