A Day in the Life of ....

An Adult Assessment and CDG Social Worker


I’m Daniel, a Social Worker in the Adult Assessment and CDG (Care Delivery Group) Social Care Team. There are 8 Social Workers who each cover one of the 8 CDG areas in Nottingham. CDG Social Workers assess and co-ordinate appropriate care and support provisions for local citizens/patients and their families. Working in a CDG allows for Social Care integration with GP’s, Nurses and Neighbourhood Teams. We assess and support adults 18+ to transform the way that care is provided for people with long-term conditions; thereby enabling people with complex needs to live healthier, fulfilling and independent lives.

My daily routine

My day begins either based in a GP Practice or in Nottingham City Council’s joint-services buildings. I am predominantly office based however share the office with Care-Coordinators and Nurses; allowing for complex case discussions and multidisciplinary action planning. When not in the office, I am visiting local CDG citizen’s or undertaking assessments, supporting planning, multidisciplinary meetings, capacity assessments, safeguarding enquiries, best-interests decisions, hospital discharges, residential placements and much more. I am supported by a Senor Social Worker and fantastic multidisciplinary team.

What would you say to someone considering this type of social work?

Frontline Social Work is one of the most rewarding, enjoyable, yet challenging professions you can enter. Working for Adult Assessment and CDG allows you to support citizen’s to enhance their wellbeing while promoting social justice, human rights, strength and autonomy. The role allows you work with families, community services, hospitals, GP’s, carers, nurses and a multitude of other professionals to provision personalised services while considering a Citizen’s human rights, capacity and best-interests. The role also allows for complex working in the context of current theory, legislation and legal frameworks including: capacity, deprivation of liberty, safeguarding, modern slavery, mental health, advocates, power of attorney and a wide reaching range of statutory services. 

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