The D2N2 Teaching Partnership has a commitment to improve the quality of social work training, and to enhance opportunities for ongoing learning and career development.

In part, this will be achieved through changes to the curricular content of social work qualification courses, and improvements in the way we support our social work students on placement. But we recognise that it’s equally important to ensure that you, as an experienced social worker, can access relevant, timely, and practice-focussed professional and personal development opportunities – that keep your knowledge, skills, and practice, up to date.

As well as ensuring that our frontline practitioners are given a robust CPD package, we cannot underestimate the importance of our social work managers. They are the foundation stones for good practice, and their challenge – besides the more day-to-day realities of juggling budgets, absences, resources, and office-space – is to inspire, support, mentor, and lead their team. It’s a big ask, and it takes a unique mixture of skills to be able to perform confidently and competently in such a role.

With these challenges in mind, we are in the process of reviewing all of the CPD packages offered across the Teaching Partnership’s organisations, as well as engaging directly with social workers and social work managers – to ascertain their views on the current offer, and what else is needed.

We’re particularly keen to develop a more coherent career structure for our workforce, that enables us to strengthen the skills and expertise of our experienced frontline staff, whilst facilitating progression into management for those who wish to take on additional staff management responsibilities.

Remember, CPD comes in all shapes and sizes – and doesn’t just mean sitting in a classroom. It's worth visiting the HCPC's website to review their ideas on what can count towards your CPD – you’ll be surprised how much you’re actually doing without realising it!

Watch this space for further updates on our CPD plans, and keep an eye on our events page for opportunities to get involved yourself.

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