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As a Partnership, operating across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, we’re really keen to have as many people as possible joining in with our activities and events. It’s not our Partnership, it’s your Partnership – and you need to make sure that it benefits you and supports you as a social worker.

The best way to do that is to take action and get involved – and here’s how.

Make sure that you don’t miss a thing by liking us, or following us on social media.

  • Like or Follow Us on Social Media  

Keep yourself up to date on new practice ideas, new developments in the sector, and what’s new in the field of social work training & CPD.

This will allow you to come along and meet with us, share your own ideas, and take away some new ideas to share with your team.

  • Tell us your news/good practice stories

Are you doing something new or innovative in your team? Have you discovered a new assessment tool that works really well? Is there a new family support programme that you’ve come across? Then share that news with other social work professionals and lets all learn from each other!

  • Share information about new training resources

If you’ve come across a new training resource online, or a really useful new book – or perhaps you’ve attended some brilliant training recently – then it just might be useful to someone else too! We’ll share your training news on our website, and can include it in our newsletters and email alerts

  • Find out about social work jobs in your area

Are you thinking of a change, or a move up the ladder – then it’s worth checking out the jobs pages on our partner’s websites to see what’s on offer

  • Get us to come and speak to your team/service area

We have a Talent Pool of academic and practitioner experts, who would be happy to come and talk to your team on a range of topics. Contact us directly to find out more about this.

  • Tell us about new research reports

Have you come across a new piece of research recently, or is there some research being conducted that you think might be of interest to others – then let us know about it, and we can cascade that information more widely.

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