Social Work Students

What else should I think about when picking a prospective employer?

As mentioned above, the employment package that is offered may vary – but you might want to consider some of the following elements when deciding where to work:

  • Location – where will you be working/how far will it be to commute/is it too close to home
  • CPD – does the employer offer a good range of development and training opportunities to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, and help you progress your career
  • Career structure – what are your options for moving up the ladder and building your experience as a social worker
  • Flexibility – can you work at different office-bases, or from home (when appropriate); can you access IT systems remotely; can you fit your work around other commitments
  • Support – what is the support infrastructure like – is there adequate administrative support, are managers accessible, what are the caseloads like and how are caseloads managed, is there support for staff from minority groups
  • Health - what health & wellbeing initiatives do they have in place for their staff, is there an employee health scheme, what else is available e.g. counselling
  • Other benefits – what other employee benefits do they offer e.g. car loan scheme, pension, childcare voucher scheme, annual leave allowance, career break scheme.

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