Early help assessment form

For many years structured assessment tools for use by professionals working with vulnerable children and young people have been provided. These have been revised over time, but have always been referred to as 'the CAF' in reference to the 'Common Assessment Framework' on which they are based. The Framework is a nationally used and evidenced based model on which a holistic assessment can be made.

In March 2014, the Early Help Assessment Form [Word] (EHAF) was introduced, as the accepted format for Common Assessment Framework compliant assessment in Nottinghamshire. The Early Help Assessment Form still uses the Common Assessment Framework to underpin its structure and promotes the involvement of children and families in agreeing what positive change is required.

The EHAF aims to provide practitioners across the children's workforce a tool to help them quickly assess need, plan their own interventions and to make onward referral for other services if required.

Practitioners must log the start and completion of the EHAF with the Early Help Unit, who will confirm whether an EHAF is already open. They can be registered by either completed the EHAF registration form [Word] and emailing it to early.help@nottscc.gov.uk. Phone 0115 804 1248 if you have any difficulty completing the form.


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