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Maternity Allowance

You may receive this if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby and you are not entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay. You must satisfy the employment rules, but you do not have to have paid National Insurance Contributions.

Who can apply

This benefit is aimed at pregnant women or women who have recently given birth. 

You may be entitled to Maternity Allowance if:

  • You're employed, but not eligible for Statutory Maternity Pay
  • You're registered self-employed and paying Class 2 National Insurance contributions (NICs), or hold a Small Earnings Exception certificate
  • You have very recently been employed or self-employed,

You may be eligible if:

  • You've been employed and/or self-employed for at least 26 weeks in your 'test period' (66 weeks up to and including the week before the week your baby is due) - part weeks count as full weeks
  • You earned £30 a week averaged over any 13 weeks in your test period.

How to apply

Further information

Visit the GOV.UK maternity allowance pages