Appeal a decision

If your benefit claim is turned down or you disagree with a decision about your benefit award, you can ask for that decision to be revised. 

You should receive confirmation of a decision about your benefits claim in writing with the date of the decision. You normally have one month for the date of the decision to ask for a revision. You can do this over the phone, in person or in writing. 

A decision maker will review this and will look at the benefit and decision and decide whether they can change it. This may take up to three months. 

How to appeal a decision

If the decision maker does not change the decision, you have one month from their notification to request an appeal.

The appeal request must be in writing, using one of the specific appeal forms listed below:

  • for benefits administered by the DWP use the SSCS1 form (the last four pages of the 'If you think our decision is wrong' leaflet
  • for benefits administered by HM Revenue and Customs use the WTC/AP form (called the 'Appeals against Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit decisions'
  • for Housing and Council Tax Benefit you must appeal to your local district/ borough council.

You must explain why you think the decision made is wrong. 


If you don't agree with the response to your appeal, your case can go to an independent tribunal. 

Currently it is taking a long time for tribunal dates to be allocated. Unless your appeal is urgent it is likely to take a year or possibly longer for your appeal to be heard. 

If your tribunal is not successful or you disagree with the decision made you can appeal to the Upper (Second Tier) Tribunal. 

Download our challenging a benefits decision factsheet [PDF] for more information about appeals. 

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