Current Social Workers

The Teaching Partnership has a commitment not only to improve the quality of social work training, but also to ensure that existing social workers get the right CPD opportunities and support that they need, in order to deliver professional social work practice across the communities where they work, and develop as professionals and as individuals.

To this end, we’ve already delivered a number of local engagement events that have involved our social workers – and have used these events to gain a better understanding of their needs, their challenges, and their aspirations. Our task, over the coming year, is to respond to what they’ve told us, and to put in place the right infrastructure that will support you as a person, support your development as a professional, and support your career in social work. You can get involved with our forthcoming activities by visiting our Events page.

The types of work that you can undertake as a social worker, vary greatly, and whilst you may be aware of some areas of social work practice, we thought it might be useful to provide a summary of some of the roles that you could consider as you progress your career – so do take a look at our Day in the Life pages. 

We recognise that, for some, it’s more important to develop a breadth of experience across different social work roles, than to move vertically up the career ladder – and this mixture of options for career development means that we not only have confident and experienced practitioners moving into managerial roles, but also have practitioners with a wealth of frontline knowledge and expertise embedded within our teams – acting as mentors and role models for good practice. This gives us a strong workforce structure, and acknowledges the strengths and benefits of having experienced practitioners at all levels of social work practice.

If you’re interested in playing a part in supporting new social workers, then you might like to consider becoming a Practice Educator or an ASYE Mentor – visit these pages to find out more. Equally, if you’re an experienced social worker, you may be interested in joining our Talent Pool – where you’d have the opportunity to contribute to degree courses at our local universities (going to talk to student groups about your job, and about career options).

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