D2N2 Health and Well-being Hub

We recognise that the work you do can often be challenging and that, to balance this with the demands of your own day-to-day commitments, you need to be adequately supported at a practical, professional, and personal level. Information within the Hub is stored in three domains which relate to personal need - “Support for me”, ‘Support for Colleagues/Friends’, and ‘Support for Teams’.

We have adopted an ‘apply your own oxygen mask first’ approach to workforce wellbeing.

We recognise that your individual health and well-being, as a practitioner and as an individual, needs to be your primary responsibility – so that you can then effectively support your colleagues, and your service users.

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Support from your Organisation

If you are needing a bit of support right now, we’d always encourage you to speak to your manager directly about anything which impacts your health, or your role – if you talk about it, support will follow.

But if you’re just wanting to explore what else is available – then please feel free to browse!

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