Carer's assessment

To get support from us the person you care for needs to live in Nottinghamshire. If they live in Nottingham City please visit Nottingham City Council's website

If you care for someone you have the right to ask for a carer’s assessment, this will look at the impact caring has on you and the support you may need. The assessment is about you, not the person you care for. 

How do I request a carer’s assessment?

To request a carer’s assessment contact us by: 

Someone else, such as a doctor, social worker, mental health professional or care coordinator, can request a carer’s assessment on your behalf. 

What you need to know about a carer's assessment

  • there is no charge for the assessment or for any support provided as a result
  • you can choose to have an assessment in private or with the person you care for
  • it can be done at your home or in any other suitable place
  • you are welcome to have a friend or relative with you to help explain your needs
  • you will get a chance to talk about your health and wellbeing and challenges you face as a carer
  • it will work out whether you have needs which are eligible for specific social care support
  • you can find out about support and services which can help you, like health and safety information.

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