Christopher and Caroline's adoption story

"I've come to realise that every child has something to offer, all they need is a loving home to thrive in"

Christopher and Caroline Gibbons from Ashfield like nothing better than having the whole family round the dinner table or going out to the park for the day. Ten years ago the couple made the decision to adopt 12 year old twins Alex and Eryn and earlier this year they adopted a child under five who has a number of health issues including eyesight problems. The Gibbons also have three birth children in their 20’s and two grandchildren.


Caroline, 45, said: “We’re coming up to Christmas which is always a hectic time in the Gibbons household – but to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way. “The older children mother the younger ones and everyone just mucks in – it sometimes reminds me of an episode of the Waltons.”

Fostering twins

The couple fostered the twins from 6 months and when they came up for adoption 12 months later, it was a decision they made almost immediately. Caroline said: “We received approval from the birth parents and our older children were fully behind the idea as well. Our main concern was keeping them together as brother and sister.”

Christopher explained further the reasoning for adopting the twins: “Our daughter was born brain damaged so has a number of fundamental health issues. We were told initially that she would never walk or talk but we’re delighted that she is at mainstream school. 

“A lot of people wrote her off but she has developed into a lovely, thoughtful young woman and we are extremely proud of her.And our son is a typical young lad, full of fun and very caring.”

The other child under five they have adopted is also doing well although the couple admit to having to deal with a few ongoing medical issues. Caroline added: “We have a number of ongoing health issues with the children but we wouldn't change a thing.

Getting support

Caroline also spoke about the support the family received from Nottinghamshire County Council’s adoption team.

“The support we've received before and after adopting has been first class and the support is still there if we need it.

“Anyone thinking about adoption should not be worried about the process as it is pretty straightforward and there is lots of help and advice along the way – both from professionals and people who have actually been through it.

And Christopher added: “Having a family of six children I've come to realise that every child has something to offer, all they need a loving home to thrive in.”

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