True stories

In reality, all kinds of people make good adopters. What matters is being the sort of person who can offer a stable and loving home to children and being able to meet a child’s needs.

First 4 Adoption videos

These videos were produced by First 4 Adoption, the national information service for people interested in adopting a child in England, using real life stories to highlight the qualities and attributes that make a great adopter and the joys and challenges they face.


Ben wanted to use his experience as a professional carer to look after children with complex needs. He has adopted Jack, and siblings Ruby and Lily.

Christopher and Caroline

The couple adopted 12 year old twins Alex and Eryn and have since adopted a child under five called Lucy. They talk about the support on offer to adoptive parents.

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Mandy and Louise

The couple had always wanted children. In May 2013, their dreams were realised when the Rushcliffe couple adopted siblings Alice and Max.

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Sheila - social worker

Sheila gives an insight into her work, the support she provides and children that are in most need of adoption.


A 21 year old adopted adult reflects on growing up adopted.

Read Sam's story

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