Steps to adoption

Adoption is where you become the legal parent of a child or children.  If you are at least 21 years old and can provide a permanent, stable and caring home, your application or enquiry will be welcomed. 

On this page we will explain the process of becoming an adoptive parent.

You can make an initial enquiry about adopting using our online form

Step 1: Registration of interest

Once you have made an enquiry an adoption social worker will meet with you to find out more about you and your situation.

This will include completing the required statutory checks for adoption including:

  • three personal references
  • a medical examination with your GP
  • a disclosure.

You will also be invited to attend module training sessions with other prospective adoptive parents where you will discuss any issues involved in adoption and learn from existing adoptive parents’ experiences. 

Based on the information gathered during this period, the agency will make a decision as to whether you are suitable to adopt and to carry on with the process. 

This part of the process will take approximately two months to complete.


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