Non-agency adoption (including step-parent adoption)

Non-agency adoption involves placements that have not been arranged by a local authority or registered adoption agency (other than children brought into the UK for the purposes of adoption).

This will include applications by step-parents, relatives, private foster carers or local authority foster carers who have not sought or obtained the local authority's approval for the placement becoming an adoptive placement.

To find out more please contact the Permanence Team on 0115 804 1231.

Step-parent adoption

If you are a step-parent you can apply to adopt a child who is the natural child of your partner.

There are many factors that have to be assessed which you should consider, including how the adoption will affect other family members. For more information on step-parent adoption take a look at our You and Your Stepfamily [PDF] factsheet. 

If the child you want to adopt is looked after by Nottinghamshire County Council, please contact the child's social worker.

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