Children waiting for adoption

In Nottinghamshire we are looking for families for children over four, sibling groups and those with complex needs. Below are some illustrative profiles* of the type of children we have waiting for a forever home.  

Annie and Kevin

Annie and Kevin are siblings of dual heritage, white British and black African. Annie is four and Kevin is two. They suffered neglectful and inconsistent parenting which included physical abuse.

Annie is a delightful little girl, who is full of energy and very lively. She has a great sense of humour with a contagious giggle. Annie can be strong willed and stubborn at times, especially when she does not get her own way or is told ‘no’. Annie loves anything pink and likes to dress up in girly clothes. She enjoys playing with table top games and riding her tricycle.

Adventurous and inquisitive

Kevin is an adventurous two year old and thoroughly enjoys exploring his environment. He is a very inquisitive boy and likes to be on the go, and particularly likes exploring objects which he can try and eat. Kevin presents as a happy child when he is playing, however like any two year old if he is not getting his own way Kevin has been known to show his feelings! Kevin thoroughly loves being able to walk and run around, he loves to explore his environment.

Annie and Kevin are responding slowly to the benefits of foster care and do currently still display some unsettled and challenging behaviour so they will need an adoptive parent or parents who will offer them a secure and nurturing environment where they are given time to understand their situation and feel able to ask questions as they develop.

Adopters will need to offer lots of love, nurture and affirmative care to Annie and Kevin, and demonstrate a commitment to offer a secure home for them where they are valued as part of a loving family.


Alan is a white British boy aged six, who has experienced neglect and physical abuse. Alan is a welcoming young boy who encourages other people to join in his games. His carers state that Alan has come on a long way since he has been in their care.

Although Alan will need some extra support, it is clear that he has the ability to progress and develop. Socially, Alan is charming and loves spending time with other children and adults. He has shown a good ability to make attachments and given his unloving start in life, he has made great strides.

Alan can be easily excitable at times and can lack concentration which causes him to struggle to self-regulate his emotions. However, once you have his attention Alan will listen and join in. Alan likes most activities especially ice skating and animals.

Stable and loving environment

Alan is a generally healthy little boy; he wears glasses and is currently attending the hospital in order to correct a slight lazy eye. Alan needs firm boundaries and instruction to carry out tasks; he finds complicated instructions hard to understand and sometimes needs repetition of instructions. Alan will need on-going support at home and at school to encourage his progress.

Although there are some developmental uncertainties, Alan has made good progress in all areas including his speech, education and day to day tasks. It is hoped this will continue but he will require monitoring and careful work to ensure he benefits as much as possible from a new and more stable and loving environment.


*The illustrative profiles given are fictional and any similarity to any actual children is coincidental. 

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