Alternatives to adoption


As a foster carer you would provide temporary care for a child while their parents get help sorting out problems or to help a young person through a difficult period in their lives.

There are a number of schemes offering different fostering services such as long-term, emergency and short break fostering. 

Often the child will return home after staying in foster care, while others may stay in long-term foster care, some may be adopted and others will move on to live independently. 

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Fostering for adoption

Fostering for adoption places a child with foster carers who are also approved as adopters.

As the foster carers you will care for the child under the supervision of the local authority and it is likely you would go on to adopt the child.

This is dependent on the court agreeing that the child should be adopted and the adoption agency approving the match between you as carers and the child.

Special guardianship

Special guardianship is a formal court order which allows parental responsibility over a child by someone other than the parent. This could be a grandparent, close relative or even a family friend. 

As a special guardian you will take over responsibility for the child from the local authority. You will have parental responsibility for them until they are 18.

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