Information and advice sheets for businesses

We have produced some information and advice sheets for businesses based on local need, around subject areas including food, product safety, weights and measures and age-restricted products.


In Nottinghamshire there is dual responsibility for the enforcement of food legislation:

  • Our Trading Standards team is responsible for permitted ingredients, food labelling and quality
  • Environmental Health teams in district councils ensure that food businesses prepare and sell food hygienically.

The authorities work together to ensure that food premises comply with the law.

Information sheets

Product safety

Our Trading Standards officers play a role in regulating product safety by:

  • inspecting, sampling and testing consumer products
  • seizing and destroying unsafe products
  • prosecuting the most serious offenders.

Information sheets

Weights and measures

Information sheets

Age-restricted products

We have responsibility to enforce laws designed to protect the health and wellbeing of children and young people from harmful and damaging products.

The following information and templates may assist retailers with alcohol licensing laws and staff training:

The Challenge 25 Scheme website has further information and advice on alcohol sales.

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