LEADER programme

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LEADER stands for 'Liaison Entre Actions pour le Development de L’Economie Rurale', being essentially a special EU Programme for developing the rural economy. LEADER offers EU funding, sitting alongside a variety of grants and measures to help support and develop the rural economy and create new jobs.

In Nottinghamshire there are two separate LEADER programme areas, administered by the County Council on behalf of  two separate Local Action Groups. For details of the geographical coverage of the respective programmes, the priorities and funding eligibility, please review the following sites and contact the respective Programme Officer for each area:

 North Nottinghamshire LEADER Programme  South Nottinghamshire LEADER Programme
 Jim Burley
 North Notts LEADER Programme Officer
 (0115) 993 9337
 Email Jim Burley
 Craig Edson
 South Notts LEADER Programme Officer
 (0115) 977 2686
 Email Craig Edson
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