Doing business with us

At Nottinghamshire County Council we spend approximately £600 million each year with 7,500 suppliers and contractors who trade with us. As the demand for good quality services increases so does the competition.

We consider ourselves to be transparent and fair when conducting business with suppliers and contractors. We aim to give all interested parties an opportunity to tender on equal terms and aim to encourage a diverse range of companies to do business with us.

These are the types of contractors and suppliers that we do business with:

What we purchase

These are the types of goods, works and services that we purchase (this list is not exhaustive):

Our Adult Social Care Market Position Statement sets out the different services we contract for and includes information about population demand, trends and gaps in the market.


  • beverages
  • computer hardware and software
  • mobile phones
  • vehicles
  • clothing.


  • property maintenance
  • construction contracts
  • engineering.


  • social care
  • agency staff
  • advertising
  • insurance
  • utilities.

Procurement process

We've put together some useful information for contractors and suppliers to explain our procurement process.

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