Social Value and community benefits

We are committed to using procurement to contribute to the regeneration of Nottinghamshire.

We will do this by ensuring that where practicable the money we spend on procuring goods, works and services benefits the people, communities and economy of the county.

Social Value plays a huge part of our current procurement strategy and the council is working hard to ensure it creates as much added value from its contracts as possible and as much of every pound spent is retained within the county. NCC strives to ensure local residents of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire gain benefits across all 3 areas of Social Value, examples of these are:

  • Environment -  Recycling, lower emissions, investment in green space
  • Social - Improving health and wellbeing, creating and investing in community groups, ensuring equality and diversity.
  • Economic - Local jobs, apprenticeship schemes, utilising local supply chains

Community benefit clauses

One of the six priorities of the County’s Sustainable Community Strategy 2010-2020 is to create a more prosperous Nottinghamshire; a mixed and vibrant economy, supported by an educated, skilled and flexible workforce and improved infrastructure. This includes business and community benefits

  • helping businesses to start up, grow and flourish
  • making sure that there are enough jobs
  • ensuring people have the right skills and qualifications.

So, for example, a construction contract could include a community benefit clause which requires the employment of young trainees or unemployed people.

Design and specification

If a community benefit clause is relevant to the product or service being procured and helps us deliver our key policy objectives, it can be included in the contract specification.

Selecting suppliers

We want to do business with Nottinghamshire SMEs that provide quality goods, works and services at a cost that provides the best overall value.

We cannot guarantee any supplier future business or discriminate in favour of Nottinghamshire SMEs during any procurement. However, we would like to break down any barriers you may be experiencing in doing business with us. The ways in which we are doing this are listed above.

Evaluating tenders

Community benefit clauses included in the contract specification can be scored as part of the evaluation of a tender.

Contract management and supplier development

We will monitor contracts to ensure that community benefit clauses are implemented and to assess the use of the supply chain.

Sources of help and further information If you would like details of support available for Nottinghamshire businesses see our business support pages. If you have a specific query please complete the feedback form.

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