How fibre broadband can help your family

If you’re a busy family with people wanting to do lots of things online simultaneously using different devices, a fibre broadband connection can make family life much more harmonious.

You can all be online at the same time with no loss of connection and the same great, responsive, fibre broadband speed.

Shopping, streaming music and films, playing games, keeping up with friends on social media and completing online homework or educational courses are just some of the benefits of taking up a fibre broadband connection.

Case studies

Thanks to the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire Programme, many more residents across the County are now benefitting from faster, more reliable internet speeds. The programme is on target to enable access to over 63,000 residents and businesses, achieving over 95% coverage, with many more cabinets to be built in Contract 2. By 2018 Nottinghamshire will be one of the best connected counties in the entire country

Read what Nottinghamshire residents have to say since upgrading to fibre-optic.

The Parish of Collingham

Collingham benefitted from the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme and was one of the very first villages to have fibre broadband installed.

Barnby-in-the-Willows, Nottinghamshire

Thanks to the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme, residents and businesses of Barnby-in-the-Willows can upgrade their broadband to the faster, more resilient connection that fibre-optic offers.

Granby, Vale of Belvoir, Nottinghamshire

Thanks to the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme, fibre optic broadband has reached the picturesque village of Granby, Vale of Belvoir.

The Jarrow family, Cropwell Bishop, Rushcliffe

The Jarrow family were quick to sign up for a fibre broadband connection following the roll out of the network in Cropwell Bishop as part of the better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme.

David, Rainworth, Nottinghamshire

David and his wife moved to Nottinghamshire back in 2013 from a little hamlet called Rattlesden in the heart of Suffolk. There he was able to access download speeds of up to 5Mbps and, whilst slow, it enabled David and his wife to send emails and visit the more basic of websites.

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