How the supplier was chosen

We actively supported Broadband Development UK's European Union competitive procurement exercise, required by EU law, to award a National Framework contract which allows the delivery of the broadband infrastructure.

Fujitsu and BT Wholesale were appointed to the National Framework at the end of June 2012. The EU approved a UK wide State Aid scheme covering the provision of broadband in late November 2012, after which BDUK assessed Nottinghamshire’s proposed contract for compliance under that scheme, allowing Nottinghamshire’s contract to be signed.

Following a successful procurement exercise, our Policy Committee awarded the contract to deliver the infrastructure required to meet Nottinghamshire’s better broadband needs to BT on 12 August 2013.

Following a spending review, the Government announced a further allocation of funding under the BDUK Superfast Programme, with the aim of increasing NGA coverage across the UK to at least 95% of premises by the end of 2017. Nottinghamshire County Council was allocated £2.7m of additional public funding from the BDUK Superfast Programme. Additionally the Contract 1 efficiencies and clawback has resulted in a further £4.8M being available to the programme. These funds have been introduced into Contract 2. Following an open procurement, a contract for Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire was awarded to BT Group.

Furthermore, Nottinghamshire County Council received an allocation of £700k from DCMS for the extension of NGA broadband. This has been matched from Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire’s own resources and enhanced from EAFRD European funds with a value of £1m grant. These funds have been introduced into Contract 3 with a further open procurement process. In preparation for this procurement, we conducted a new OMR to establish existing and planned coverage of broadband infrastructure within next 3 years.

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