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Healthcare waste refers to any waste produced by, and as a consequence of, healthcare activities. It is very important that this type of waste is assessed by a medical professional in order to make sure it is disposed of appropriately. Healthcare waste is not accepted at recycling centres.

Only infectious healthcare waste and sharps/needles require a separate healthcare collection. If a healthcare professional has identified that you're producing non-infectious healthcare waste (such as incontinence pads) this can safely be placed in your general waste bin, but please place your waste in a plastic bag and seal it up first. 

Questions about healthcare waste can be answered by your local district/borough council:

Request a healthcare waste collection

This service is for

Anyone who has been told they need a healthcare waste collection by their health practitioner.


You can request a healthcare waste collection if your healthcare professional (for example a GP, practice nurse, district nurse, hospital consultant) has told you that you need to.

You will need

Your healthcare professional's details, so we can confirm with them what type of collection is most suitable. Your medical condition will not be discussed.

What will happen next

Use an online form to request a healthcare waste collection. We aim to get in contact with you within ten working days.

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