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Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme

About the scheme

February 2015 update: Scheme gets full approval

We have now had final funding approval by the Department for Transport meaning that the Hucknall town centre improvement scheme is officially set to go ahead.

The investment means that Hucknall can look forward to a revitalised town centre, with sections of the High Street pedestrianised, and new roads and junctions to reduce congestion in the town.  The Department for Transport will be contributing £8.5m towards the project with the remainder being funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and Ashfield District Council.  

Work is due to start this summer year, with expected completion in January 2017.

The scheme aims to:

  • reduce congestion
  • create an attractive shopping centre
  • attract new retailers
  • promote the regeneration of Hucknall

The scheme will also incorporate flood relief measures designed to improve some of the problems that have been experienced in the town in recent years.

As part of the scheme a new road from Station Road/Ashgate Road to Baker Street/Annesley Road will be built, taking thousands of vehicles a day away from the high street.  This will allow a pedestrian zone to be created along the high street between Baker Street and Watnall Road, providing a safe and attractive environment for pedestrians, including wheelchair users.

Artists impressions

View the latest artist impressions of the newly pedestrianized Hucknall high street. 

[ Zoom ]
Hucknall town centre - visualisation
Hucknall town centre - visualisation
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Hucknall town centre - visualisation
Hucknall town centre - visualisation

May 2014 update

The Nottinghamshire County Council made on the 22 May 2014 the Nottinghamshire County Council (Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme) Compulsory Purchase Order 2014 under Sections 239, 240 and 246 of the Highway Act 1980, the Acquisition of Land Act 1981 and the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.

It is about to submit this order to the secretary of State for confirmation, and if confirmed the order will authorise Nottinghamshire County Council to purchase compulsorily the plots of land needed for the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

December 2013 update:

The Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme was granted planning permission on the 11th December 2013.

View the notice of Planning Decision

August 2013 update:

Nottinghamshire County Council Major Projects Team has submitted further information to the CPA. The documents and drawings can be found here under the heading 'Group: Reg 22 - Further Information'.

The design has been changed with the aim of protecting/enhancing heritage assets. The changes include:

  • Inclusion of a stone gravel path alongside the brook, exploiting vistas across the market place area
  • Extension of the stone wall adjacent to the mini roundabout on Baker Street/Annesley Road
  • Reduction in height of the boundary wall with Mill Yard from 1.8m to 1.4m
  • The construction of a stone wall overlooking the brook/Kneesall Grove area.

December 2012 Update:

Nottinghamshire County Council Major Projects Team (as applicant) submitted a planning application on 20 December 2012 seeking permission to develop the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme.

Nottinghamshire County Council received confirmation in November 2011 that the Department for Transport (DfT) would provisionally fund the majority of the proposed Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme. The government is to contribute £8m to the £12m scheme. £1.35m will come from Ashfield District Council with the remainder (£2.65m) coming from the County Council.

The scheme involves:

  • a pedestrian zone created on the High Street (Watnall Road to Baker Street section only)

  • a new road running parallel to the High Street, which will accommodate the displaced traffic
  • a new 'bus only' link road which will connect the new road with the High Street/Watnall Road junction

  • a new junction controlled by traffic lights at Linby Road/Ashgate Road to replace the existing roundabouts.

Changes to the scheme since the previous planning application:

  • The 'Connery link' has been designed out of the scheme
  • Baker Street will now remain open to all traffic
  • A new mini-roundabout at Annesley Road/Baker Street included to reduce impact on the Mill Yard area
  • The cycle/footway is now on the town centre side of the new road
  • The walk routes between the tram/train stops and the town centre have been improved by changing the layout of the Station Road/Ashgate Road junction.

Hucknall town centre improvement scheme market stall


We held a roadshow in the town from 6-8 September 2012, giving local people the opportunity to view the revised plans and talk to officers involved in the scheme. If you were unable to make it to the roadshow, you can view the display boards that were at the roadshow [PDF 2.6MB] This PDF also shows a map of the proposals.

We held a consultation from 6 September - 22 September 2012, which has now closed. 

As a result of the feedback, further minor modifications are being made to the scheme before a fresh planning application for the project is submitted in November 2012. Subtle changes have been made to the original plans, including a realignment of the Station Road/Ashgate Road junction and an improved walk route from the town's tram stop and railway station.

Key findings from feedback show that:

  • 74 percent of respondents agree that the High Street suffers from too much traffic

  • 69 percent of respondents agree that a proposed pedestrian zone in the High Street between Baker Street and Watnall Road will create a more appealing shopping environment.

Bid documents

Nottinghamshire County Council submitted a Best and final Funding Bid form (BAFB) to the Department for Transport (DfT) for the Hucknall Town Centre Improvement Scheme on the 9 September 2011.

The BAFB and supporting documents accompanying the bid can be viewed below:


Appraisal Summary Table (AST) [PDF]

Economic Assessment [PDF]

Scheme Drawing [PDF]

Value for Money [PDF]

WebTAG worksheets [PDF]

Social and Distributional Impact Assessment [PDF]

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