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Real time bus information

Stagecoach East Midlands, Nottingham City Transport and Trent Barton have fitted some of their buses with the equipment necessary to provide real time travel information for passengers in Nottinghamshire. We are working with South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive on expanding the service in the north of the county. In the south systems are already in place and are currently showing timetabled times. 

What is 'real time'?

Real time systems provide information for passengers and bus operators on the progress of individual bus services. This information can be displayed on screens at bus stops to tell passengers how many minutes away from the stop their bus is. Passengers can also get this information via the internet, mobile internet or by text message to their mobile phone.

Transmitters on the buses send a signal that is tracked by satellites to pinpoint the location of the bus, this information is then sent back to the real time systems. The system calculates how far the bus is from the next stop and sends a prediction of how many minutes away it is to the electronic display at the stop. This same data is then also sent to internet, mobile internet and SMS texting systems so that passengers can check how their bus is running before even getting to the stop.

How to tell if your bus stop is showing 'real time' information

If the display shows a message like this:
11   City Loop    6 mins
then that is a real time prediction for service 11. The bus should arrive in 6 minutes.

If the display shows a message like this:
BX   Friar Lane    11:13
then that is the scheduled time at that stop for the Bingham Xpress service from its timetable data.

Bus services currently operating using real time


  • 19 from Worksop to Rotherham
  • 22 from Worksop to Doncaster
  • 25 from Harworth to Doncaster
  • 27 from Retford to Misson
  • 29 from Retford to Doncaster
  • X30 from Harworth to Robin Hood Airport. 

Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham City Transport have a large number of routes now operating on real time information. See their website for further information on these routes and for live bus departures.

Trent Barton

Trent Barton now offer live timetable information at every stop at: www.trentbarton.co.uk/live

Checking real time on your mobile phone

To find out the real time of the service you want to use you'll first need to find out the code of the bus stop you'll be catching the bus from. You'll see a code plate at the bus stop like the one shown below.

Alternatively, you can get it from the Traveline website. All you need to do is type in a postcode, street, town or village and click on map. Stops will be shown on the map as a red dot. Click on the stop you require and this will show you the code. The code will be an 8 digit code starting with nts, for example ntsadapa.

Once you know the code for your bus stop, you can find out the real time of your bus service by either text message or mobile internet.

Mobile phone showing live bus times
Plate showing real time code for the bus stop

Text message

You can store the code as a text message template, then send a text message with this code to 84268*. You will receive a text back with the next 3 departures from your chosen stop. (*Text cost is your normal message charge plus up to 25p for the reply.)

Mobile internet

Alternatively, if you have a web enabled mobile phone text Traveline to 84268** to receive a link to the mobile website. Type the code into the box and select find - this will show the departures as shown in the photo on the left. You can then bookmark this page so this will take you directly to the stop you require every time you want to make an enquiry. (**Normal data charges of your mobile operator apply.)

The mobile site also saves your recent stop searches so if there are a number of stops you use you can click the link sent to your mobile and select any of the recent stops you have made an enquiry for.

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