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Road safety for Key Stages AS/A2

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Fact - Young drivers aged 17-24 account for over 26 percent of all killed or seriously injured car drivers in Nottinghamshire.

The 'Wasted' session is aimed at both potential and actual young drivers.

The session will fit in to Citizenship and help with information and practical skills required as a road user.

The lesson uses an interactive system that enables the students to take an active part in the lesson. We aim to get their opinions as road users and stimulate discussion. The lesson will challenge pre-conceived ideas and some of the statistics will undoubtedly surprise them.

The lesson will give the students a chance to test out their hazard perception skills in a practical section of the lesson, similar to the one now required in their driving test.

Session information

  • Duration: 50 minutes to an hour
  • Cost: free
  • Number of students: between 10 and 30
  • Requirements from school/college: classroom and whiteboard/surface on which to project.

Driving simulator

Aims to raise awareness of potential hazards that drivers experience every day and improve the driver's ability to identify possible hazards. Trainees will drive through situations using full car controls.

Session information

  • Duration: 20-30 minutes. You are required to book a minimum of a half day of sessions
  • Cost: free
  • Number of students: 10 to 12
  • Requirements from school/college: access to multiple power sockets and the use of a large flat edged table.
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