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Seatbelts save lives

Road safety advice for parents

Road safety facts

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  • 2272 children aged 0 -15 years were killed or seriously injured on our roads in 2012, thats more than 43 each week.


Road safety in schools

We invest highly in child safety. A comprehensive road safety education programme combined with safer routes to school, school travel plans and school crossing patrols, help keep your child safe on our roads.

Learn more about road safety in schools.

Teach your child

Your child’s best road safety teacher is you. This is because basic road safety can only be taught in the street. Your child is out and about with you and it’s your example he or she follows, good or bad.

Please don't wait for the school to teach road safety. It’s your responsibility as a parent to give your child the basic skills.

Useful resources

There are many useful resources available online to help you teach your child road safety skills. Some of these are listed below:

The Think! Education website for parents of primary school age children includes age-specific information, advice and downloadable work sheets for you to use with your child: www.dft.gov.uk/think/education/early-years-and-primary

The Think! Education website for parents of secondary school age children includes age-specific information and advice for you to share with your child: www.dft.gov.uk/think/education/secondary

The Directgov parents web pages include information on road and cycle safety and child car seats: www.direct.gov.uk/en/Parents

To help parents and guardians teach basic road safety skills to their children, resources can be ordered online from the Think! shop at http://shop.dft.gov.uk

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