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Lengthsman Scheme

Meet the Lengthsmen

Pilot Lengthsman scheme in Nottinghamshire

An extended pilot of the Lengthsman scheme will be operating until 31 March 2014.

We have awarded a number of grants to parish and town councils who have a Lengthsman to carry out jobs which are aimed at improving the local highways environment. 

You can find further details about the scheme in our guidance pack [PDF].

The benefits of the Lengthsman scheme

By taking part in the Lengthsman scheme, town and parish councils can take control of minor problems themselves, acting quickly to respond to issues which the County Council may not always be able to prioritise or address immediately. 

Possible benefits include:

  • improved satisfaction levels amongst residents
  • increased frequency and improved standards of local service delivery 
  • parishes being able to prioritise local activity to meet local need 
  • recurring minor issues being dealt with more efficiently.

It also provides local employment opportunities and is part of the Government's localism agenda, whereby communities become more involved and take pride in their areas.

Further information 

Please contact Eamonn Harrison on 0115 9773961 or email eamonn.harrison@nottscc.gov.uk 

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