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Tourism signage

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For further information about tourism signage contact our Customer Service Centre.

We welcome the opportunity to provide signage for tourist establishments that contribute significantly to the status and economy of the County. These signs should make journeys by tourists safer, easier and less confusing whilst causing minimum impact on the local environment.

The purpose of brown tourism signs is to direct business and leisure travellers to the location of a tourist attraction or tourist facility and not to advertise it.

Tourist facilities and attractions

A tourist facility is defined as a permanent establishment that:

  • provides a service or services within an area, and

  • attracts or is visited by tourists, and

  • is open to the general public without prior booking during its normal opening times.

It may include, for example, serviced accommodation, pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, cinemas and theatres, sports and leisure facilities.

A tourist attraction is defined as a permanent establishment: 

  • provided for the benefit of tourists, and
  • is open to the public without prior booking during its normal opening hours.

It may include, for example, theme parks, historic houses, buildings or monuments, museums, zoos, parks or gardens, nature reserves and concert venues. 

Costs involved in signage 

All costs incurred by us shall be paid by the applicant, including all costs involved in:

  • The provision, erection, future maintenance and removal of the signs agreed by us
    The cost of provision, erection, future maintenance and removal of the signs will vary for each application and cannot be determined until the detailed design has been carried out. This sum must be paid in full before the instruction for the work to be carried out will be issued
  • Damage, vandalism, or theft of signs
    The applicant will be liable for the full costs incurred by us including the repair or replacement of any signs
  • Renewal of existing consent after a 5 year period
    The cost of processing an application for the renewal of a signage scheme will be the same as for an initial application (see above). This will include a review of the appropriateness of the existing signage. Costs associated with the relocation, replacement or addition to the existing signage must be paid for by the applicant.  

Applying for tourism signage

Guidance and application forms are currently being updated and will be available again in early December. In the meantime if you need further details please contact our Customer Service Centre.

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