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Common questions about disabled parking (Blue Badges)

If my application is successful, when will I receive my badge?   

You should receive your card within 7 working days of us receiving all the correct documents, photographs and payment. Telephone 0300 500 80 80 if your badge does not arrive.

Where can I use my Blue Badge?   

In general you can use your badge for parking on:

  • single or double yellow lines for up to three hours, unless there is a ban on loading or unloading
  • 'on-street' parking meters and pay-and-display machines for free and for as long as you need to
  • in disabled parking bays.

Will you send me a new Blue Badge when my current one expires?   

We will not automatically send you a new badge nor will we remind you that your badge has expired. It is your responsibility to re-apply for a new Blue Badge when your current one expires.

How do I renew a Blue Badge?   

You cannot simply renew a Blue Badge. You need to apply again and provide all the information requested. This is because:

  • your situation (and what you are eligible for) might have changed
  • the criteria for getting a Blue Badge might have changed. We need to assess your situation against the latest criteria so you need to fill out a new application and provide all of the evidence requested.

For details of how to apply see the 'How do I apply for a Blue Badge' section.

I have changed my address. Do I need to notify anybody?   

If you are staying within Nottinghamshire, you should contact our Customer Service Centre to give them your new address.

If you are moving to another council area you can carry on using your badge until it is due to expire. 6 weeks before the expiry date you need to apply for your badge again, using your new address.

For more advice ring the Initial Enquiry Support Service for what you need to do.

I have changed my vehicle. Do I need to inform you?    

No, you do not need to inform us. As the Blue Badge can be used in any vehicle, we don't need to have a record of your new registration number.

What do I do if my blue badge is lost or stolen?   

If your Blue Badge has been lost or stolen contact the Customer Service Centre.

To get a new badge you will have to reapply. All successful applications will get a new credit card style badge.

You will be asked to pay £10 for the replacement badge.

What is a Blue Badge clock/time wheel?   

A Blue Badge clock/time wheel is to show how long you have been parked in a disabled parking bay.

Many bays have time restrictions. Displaying the clock on your dashboard helps the parking wardens to check that parking times are not exceeded.

Blue Badge clock/time wheels are issued to all new Blue Badge holders.

Can I get a replacement clock/time wheel if it is lost or stolen?   

If you have lost or had your clock/time wheel stolen you should contact the Customer Service Centre.

If you have an old style clock/time wheel you can still get a similar replacement from the Customer Service Centre or from your local customer service point until you need to re-apply for a badge.

The new style Blue Badges have an integral clock/time wheel.

Misuse of Blue Badges   

A badge can be withdrawn if you misuse it or allow others to misuse it.

You should report the misuse of a badge to the Customer Service Centre. You could also contact the police as it is a criminal offence to misuse a Blue Badge and could lead to a £1,000 fine.

If you receive a letter saying that you have misused your badge and you disagree contact the Customer Service Centre.

How can I appeal if my application is refused?   

There is no automatic right of appeal. However, if you think the decision is wrong write to the Customer Service Centre explaining why. You will then be asked to have a mobility assessment with an independent health professionals, if you have not already had one. If you have already had a mobility assessment, you will have to provide new evidence to support your appeal.

In the event of a relative's death, what do I do with their Blue Badge?   

When you register a death you can hand the badge in to the registrar. Our 'Tell us once' service makes sure this is passed on to the local Blue Badge Team without you having to do anything else.

If you haven't returned the badge at the registration office then please send it to our Customer Service Centre as a Blue Badge can only be used by the person it is issued to. You are welcome to cut out and keep the photograph on the badge if you wish to do so. It would be helpful if you could enclose a letter giving us the date that the person died. 

If you have any other questions about Blue Badges

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